Saudi Railways Organisation(SRO) invests in NEM Solutions technology

NEM Solutions, a leading company in the engineering maintenance sector, has announced an agreement with Saudi Railways Organisation for the installation of its SCLAR system in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. NEM Solutions will equip a newly-built depot with the automated system that measures and records all wheel wear and wheel safety parameters as trains leave and […]

NEM Solutions presents Maintenance Optimisation tool at European Renewable Energy conference

    A paper written by members of NEM Solutions’s Energy division about AURA diagnostic and AURA maint, was selected to be presented at the acclaimed European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference in Southampton, UK, last week.  The conference is held every two years, and was attended by delegates from around the world. It is considered to be […]

Improvements in availability for Zaragoza’s tram

Zaragoza’s tram has improved its frequency to every 5 minutes during workdays. Over recent weeks, new trams have been inorporated into the current fleet. This increase in fleet size, together with the use of a maintenance optimisation tool, allows for greater line capacity and increased tram availability. NEM Solutions contribution includes their AURA wheel asset […]

NEM Solutions at Railtex 2011

Railtex came to its end. NEM Solutions found great feedback from potential customer at UK inspiriting our new branch in Coventry. UK’s market wants NEM Solutions technology and services. We will publish soon more details about the intensive experience at Railtex. Tim Smith, our UK business developer manager will explain NEM Solutions objectives in this […]

NEM Solutions opens an office in the United Kingdom.

NEM Solutions, the subsidiary of CAF (Construccion y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles) dedicated to the optimisation of rail vehicle maintenance and operation, has opened an office in the UK. The office is located in Coventry, near Birmingham. NEM Solutions’s activity started in 2007 and after 4 years it has become a national leader in the supervision […]

NEM Solutions: domestic market leader after 4 years.

This month at NEM Solutions, the subsidiary of CAF (Construccion y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles) dedicated to the optimisation of rail vehicle maintenance, we celebrate our fourth anniversary. Within this time, NEM Solutions has grown rapidly to become a leader in providing rolling stock maintenance solutions to industry in Spain, and has expanded internationally with projects […]

Capturing railway wheel profile in conventional track. Ergonomics and accuracy

There are several ways to ensure wheel profile parameters within tolerance as UIC normative says. Some of them are non contact tools, which need user presence and action to get the measure. NEM Solutions has design and advances magnet system to ensure an ergonomics laser acquisition of wheel profile, as can be seen in the […]

Wheel wear integrated management and optimization: Add value to your measurement tool

The railway is a high competitive solution for the transport of passengers and freight in this 2010’s years. Its great energy efficiency, reliability, safety and good environmental match, in addition to the economy and, last but not least, the available high speed are key characteristics to predict an increasing role of railway in society and […]

NEM Solutions at RAILTEX 2011

NEM Solutions will be present at this year’s edition of RAILTEX to be held in London from June 14th to the 16th. RAILTEX will be the European launching pad for AURA Railway: NEM Soutions system for the advanced optimisation of Railway maintenance. Railway maintenance is a very demanding activity. Carefully managing this activity can guarantee […]