Aura is the name of NEM Solutions’ spanish patented* technology. Aura was born to provide complete management solutions for those businesses responsible for the Operations & Maintenance of multi-system assets. Our technology has been in constant evolution for most of the last decade.

*201130035. "Autonomous artificial immune system for complex assets with long life cycle."

Currently Aura is recognized as one of the most advanced technologies in the market regarding failure anticipation and business management, both in the Railway Industry as well as the Wind Industry.


  • Because your success depends on maximizing productivity of your assets and for that you require a tool that will provide visibility and expert knowledge. You must have total control of your business.
  • Aura was born to provide that control: global visibility and expert knowledge for all critical subsystems in your assets. Partial visibility and partial knowledge are not enough.

Expert Analysis

  • Monitoring, expert analysis, benchmarking, alarms management, O&M processes optimization (based on each company’s KPIs) as well as other features make Aura one the most valued tools in the market for failure anticipation and asset management.
  • We use advanced Big Data techniques to project, with high precision, the future of each one of your assets and subsystems. Aura models normality of each asset individually, taking into account its own context and reality. This approach allows us to guarantee the possible performance of your business.

Benefits of using Aura

  • Knowledge generation.
  • Maximization of productivity and availability.
  • Assets’ extended life cycles.
  • Catastrophic and minor failures anticipation.
  • Maintenance plan optimization.

Thanks to Aura you will know when one of your assets is deviating from its normal behavior, allowing yourself time to make the right decisions well in advance. This approach will give you the opportunity to program your maintenance plan tasks with enough margin. Your maintenance will be fully optimized.

To follow you will find our range of solutions both for the Wind Industry as well as for the Railway Industry: