Wheel Measurement Systems Benchmark / Handheld Systems

The pace of innovation advances at a huge speed. Even the most conservative sectors such as the railway is enjoying a fast digitalization at all levels. Within this digital transformation the area of maintenance has become the most change-oriented one, thanks to all the knowledge that can be obtained from the data the train provides […]

The first step to get the autonomy through your data

Organizations that are dedicated to the operation and maintenance of wind farms look for becoming autonomous with respect to OEM-s. With that purpose, they spend their resources on the optimization of energy production and to the reduction of their operational costs using condition-based maintenance in their assets. At the same time, the digitalization context has […]

You will only be digital if you have a digital culture

Society has changed and is evolving into a more accessible, sustainable and connected environment. In less than a decade our cities will be very different from the cities we know now. The sustainable model will be different and, mobility and energy will undoubtedly, become two key factors in this enormous change. At the same time, […]