Aura desk

Aura desk

The most innovative product on the market for benchmarking and right decision making. Extremely easy understanding of the impact of your decisions on your KPIs.

  • Measure, compare and improve

    An advanced workstation that compares, analyzes and extracts the maximum knowledge possible from your entire fleet. Continuous benchmarking between wind farms, OEMs and even, our database.

  • Easy and executive

    All the key knowledge, at the same location, at the same time and in an easy to understand format to facilitate you the decision making process and to achieve your business goals. Your KPIs working for your business.

  • Community

    Welcome to the perfect spot to make decisions. View the status of your entire business in real time and share key information with your colleagues at the same place and at the same time, using AuraDesk.

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Economic information

Assets’ corrective and preventive maintenance expenses evolution. Comparison against planned costs and deviations calculations. Benchmarking between technologies, wind farms, wind turbines and so on.

Technical information

Reliability of your assets and its evolution over time. Availability, production, reliability per each asset, benchmarking, alternative market analysis, etc. Insight for continuous improvement, cost saving and increased results.

Health status

Aura Desk includes Aura Diagnostic. All the potential of Aura technology at your disposal to know the health status of your assets and to anticipate future failures. Know what your business needs and when it needs it.

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