Total Control of your Business is now a reality thanks to NEM Solutions and Aura desk. Make your decisions based on how they affect your KPIs in order to achieve your goals.

In order to achieve your business goals, your decisions have to be made according to the business plan. This requires an optimized context of knowledge. That is why NEM Solutions' products and services go beyond improving your productivity, and also facilitate your decision making process and business management.

The output of this philosophy is A.U.R.A desk, a tool that offers a holistic approach to the wind business. This allows you to know, at a glance, how your business is performing and, therefore, to get the most out of it. Technical and economic indicators combine to generate the ideal scenario for decision making. Expert knowledge, applied at achieving results, at its best.

  • Benchmarking
  • Corrective and preventive expenses per wind turbine
  • Business expenses and incomes
  • Alarms ranking by wind farm and manufacturer
  • Reliability and availability by project
  • Comparison of reliability by supplier or wind farm
  • ...

Aura desk enables users to monitor their businesses and assets in an intelligent, risk averse, and cost- effective manner. It provides the first goal-oriented platform that presents real-time economic and technical information in a sleek, clean, and easily-manageable interface.

A.U.R.A desk WIND

The most innovative product on the market for benchmarking and right decision making. Extremely easy understanding of the impact of your decisions on your KPIs.