NEM Solutions Identity of Legal persons responsible for NEM Solutions: Legal Persons
Nuevas Estrategias de Mantenimiento, S.L.
Parque Tecnológico de Miramón, Paseo Mikeletegi 54 1ª planta, 20009 Donostia Spain B20942926 Company Register of Guizpúzcoa, Volume 2315, page 115 sheet number SS- 28886, Inscription 1st
NEM Solutions UK
Sales Office The TechnoCentre Puma Way CV1 2TT COVENTRY United Kingdom
NEM Solutions USA, Inc
1150 Northbrook Drive Suite 150, Feasterville Trevose, PA 19053 USA
In accordance with the law of data protection, and any other law relevant and currently applicable, the user is informed that the personal data given, if it applies, is put into an automatic file, which will be used only for the objectives described in the form precontract, contract or corresponding offer.
Contact data
All personal data will be used exclusively to solve the current question and will not be passed on to third parties, except to other NEM Solutions companies, in cases in which the question requires such communication and exclusively to meet this end. Furthermore, we inform you that the personal data will remain on file at NEM Solutions throughout the legally stipulated period, and always when the objectives for which the data has been gathered exists. We inform you that NEM Solutions can use the data in order to be continually informed on its activity. and that NEM Solutions can forward you information of any of the companies who make up NEM Solutions, if it is deemed that that the information facilitated could be of interest to you and at all times related to the products or services of its interest and related to NEM Solutions. We inform you that the judicial base for the legality of data handling with this in mind is nothing more than the legitimate interest of the companies that form NEM Solutions. In a similar way, we state that in order to oppose the data handling for these ends, an email can be sent to
Data related to clients and service providers
In cases in which you have provided your data as the contact person in a Company, or as a supplier or a freelance business entity, either as a client or as a supplier of any Company belonging to the NEM Solutions group, we inform you that NEM Solutions will use the data exclusively for maintaining the contractual relationship and will neither transmit nor pass on this data to third parties, except to NEM Solutions companies, and only in cases in which the services require such communication and exclusively with this end in mind. The information provided will be kept for the duration of the contract or for the years required to meet and comply with legal obligations. Furthermore, we state that as a client or as a supplier of any of the companies that form the NEM Solutions group, NEM Solutions can forward commercial information through the media that you have facilitated, including electronic mail, based on legitimate interest regulated by the General Laws For Data Protection. Furthermore, we inform you that NEM Solutions can use your personal data for Training and Parameter - Setting, in cases in which services provided to the client will be required.
Data related to candidates
In cases in which one has facilitated his/her data to any of the companies that form NEM Solutions as a potential candidate to become part of any of the group companies, we state that NEM Solutions will use this data exclusively and only for management of the candidacy for any vacancies that may arise in any of the companies in the group, and will not give this information to third parties, except to NEM Solutions companies, and only in cases in which the profile fits any of the companies in the group. The data provided will be kept for a period of one year.
Complaint management
In cases in which you have filed a complaint of any type to any of the companies that form NEM Solutions, we inform you that NEM Solutions will use this data for the sole purpose of dealing with this complaint, and will not give it to third parties, except to NEM Solutions companies, and only in cases in which the complaint requires that such communication be carried out for this purpose. The information provided will be kept for the number of years necessary to comply with legal obligations, while the object of the complaint has not proscribed.
Marketing and Commercial Dispatch
In cases in which you have registered in any service for a newsletter in order to receive commercial information from any of the companies that from part of NEM Solutions, we inform you that NEM Solutions will use this data with the sole purpose of keeping you informed on this activity. We inform you that NEM Solutions can forward this information to any of the companies that form NEM Solutions, if it is deemed that the information to be facilitated could be of interest to it. In these cases, it will always be related to the products and services of its interest. We state that the legal base for legality in data handling with this end in mind is none other than the legitimate interests of the groups which form NEM Solutions. In a similar manner, we state that should you choose to oppose the data handling with the stated objectives at any time, send an email to We state that NEM Solutions will keep your data throughout the duration of our business or contractual relationship, unless you communicate your desire to NEM Solutions to no longer receive commercial information.
Services rendered through support
In cases in which you receive support from NEM Solutions we inform you that NEM Solutions will only use this data in order to provide you with the required support, and will not forward this to third parties, except to the companies of NEM Solutions, and only in cases in which the service requires that such communication be made, and only with this objective in mind. The data provided will be kept for the number of years necessary to comply with legal obligations, while the support service has not expired. We state that in cases in which NEM Solutions gives you upport services, it is possible that NEM Solutions will have access to some information related to your company, both remote access to your equipment as well as to the possible information facilitated by the NEM Solutions Technician who provides this support. In such cases NEM Solutions will maintain total confidentiality with respect to the information to which it may have had access to as a consequence of providing the support service.
Exercising Common Rights to all Personal Data
The Owner of the data has the right to obtain confirmation as to whether in NEM Solutions we are handling his personal data, and therefore, has the right to access his personal data, correct the incorrect data, or ask for it to be deleted when this data is no longer necessary, as well as the right to oppose the handling of his data for any one of the objectives outlined here, such as, for example , sending commercial information. You have the right to access, correct, delete, oppose and limit the handling and portability, which can be done by sending an email to:
Or by regular post to:
Parque Tecnológico de Miramón, Paseo Mikeletegi 54 1ª planta, 20009 Donostia In any case the data Owner can resort to the corresponding Authority in order to present the complaints he/she considers pertinent.
Veracity of data and Updates
NEM Solutions presumes that the data facilitated through the different channels and supports are authentic, that it is provided directly by the Owner, that he/she is the person he/she claims to be, that the data is updated, that the affected/interested party will communicate any modification of his/her data from the moment it is produced.
Duty of Secrecy
The people who are involved in data handling with data of Private Individuals/legal personnel, and have access to files, either directly or indirectly, will at all times guard secrecy with respect to the personal data they come across in the course of carrying out this activity. The Duty of secrecy constitutes an obligation for NEM Solutions, the members of its governing and management body, the personnel contracted within the parameters of Labour Law, and the professionals who offer their services hired under Commercial Law. This also supposes an obligation on the part of Suppliers of goods and services and their employees, the handling supervisors and their employees, who the data handling supervisor sub-contracts and their employees. The obligation to secrecy will persist even after the termination of the working or established commercial relationship with NEM Solutions, Data Processing supervisor, as well as after the expiry date of work contracts, commercials, etc, and the suppliers who supply goods or render services.
Site / Webpage Recommendation
When NEM Solutions, recommends or provides a link to any site/webpage, it considers that these are of interest to the user. NEM Solutions is under no supervisory obligation with respect to these sites/webpages to which it links or recommends. These have been created by Legal personnel, Individuals or entities with legal personnel who are not related in any way to NEM Solutions. The latter has no part in its management or finance, has no role with respect to the content incorporated, and neither manages nor participates in the services that these sites/recommended linked webpages supply. NEM Solutions will nullify any link and refrain from recommending the site/webpage as soon as it is made aware and has clear evidence that this and/or the services supplied are illicit or damage goods or rights to third parties that is susceptible to compensation.
Cookies Use
All the information regarding the use of cookies you will find it below.
Data Security
In its work centers, premises, systems, communications infrastructures etc. NEM Solutions has implemented the security measures required by the Personal Data Protection laws. It has also adopted the logical, organizational, contractual, etc. measures, which avoid the unauthorized access to data, as well as the destruction, modification, disclosure, transmission or the reusing of the afore-mentioned data.
Validity and Modification of the Privacy Policy
The Privacy Policy established by NEM Solutions will come into effect from the date in which it is published in the corresponding website; the User can file it and/ or reproduce it. NEM Solutions has the power to modify its Privacy Policy and to communicate this to the User.

Legal Note

Pursuant to the provisions of article 10 of the Law 34/2002, of 11July, for Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, NEM Solutions, as a provider of information society services operating via this Internet Site / Webpage, provides interested parties and entities with the following general information:
Company Details
Company name:
Nuevas Estrategias de Mantenimiento, S.L. (hereinafter“NEM Solutions”)
WEB page:
Company Address:
NEM Solutions ES
Parque Tecnológico de Miramón,
Paseo Mikeletegi 54 1ª planta 20009 Donostia
Phone: +34 943 30 93 28 / FAX: +34 943 30 93 26
Commercial office::
NEM Solutions UK
The TechnoCentre
Puma Way
COVENTRY, United Kingdom
Tlf: +44 (0) 2476 158 189
E-mail address:
Tax Identification Number (NIF): ES-B20942926
Registered in the Corporate Register of Gipuzkoa: volume 2315, sheet 115, page number SS-28886, 1st register.
Data protection declaration
Thanks for visiting the web page of NEM Solutions and for your interest in our company and our products. We take the protection of your data very seriously and we would like you to feel safe when you visit our web page. In order to be able to answer your questions properly and to inform you about our products and services we may request some personal details. The personal data entered is completely voluntarily and are saved, stored, processed and/or used according to the data protection rules in force by Spanish law. The data processing will be confidential. The web pages of NEM Solutions may contain links to other supplier’s pages. This data protection declaration will not apply to those pages. The personal details supplied by the USER will be included in an Automated File, property of NEM Solutions, registered in the Data Protection Agency. The aim of the data collection is to follow up the communication started by the USER with NEM Solutions. The USER may exercise his right to access, oppose, modify or cancel the information, once identification is provided, through:
Nuevas Estrategias de Mantenimiento, S.L. (NEM Solutions)
Parque Tecnológico de Miramón,
Paseo Mikeletegi 54 2ª planta 20009 Donostia
or NEM Solutions guaranties the atomised and confidential processing of the information according to the prevailing law, a) and shall not transmit nor transfer any Personal Details from any USER without the express agreement of the Holder b) may inform third parties of the data for commercial purposes inside the EU.
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Public Liability
The information provided by NEM Solutions in this page was obtained with the utmost care and it is continuously updated. However and despite a strict control system, the lack of errors can not be guaranteed. Therefore, NEM Solutions denies any type of liability and guarantees the veracity, integrity and validity of the information available on this web page. This is especially applicable to the pages contacted through hyperlinks. They are third party pages and we have no influence over their contents. NEM Solutions declines therefore any liability regarding the contents of the above mentioned pages. Also, NEM Solutions waives any responsibility for the data protection conditions offered by other suppliers. NEM Solutions reserves the right to amend or extend the information or data available at any time and without prior notice. The innovative declarations contained in our web page are based on the opinions and assessments of the management of NEM Solutions, which implies some risks and uncertainty. NEM Solutions is not required to update these declarations. Any responsibility regarding those declarations is expressly waived.
Registered trade marks
Unless stated otherwise, all the marks used in the NEM Solutions web page are protected by the applicable law. This applies particularly to company logos and symbols.
Governing Laws
NEM Solutions presents their company through an innovative and informative web page, which hopefully will fulfil their expectations. However and as a precaution, we would like to highlight that the intellectual property contained, including patents, trade marks and copyrights, is protected by law. Also, this page does not constitute a license granting the use of the intellectual property for the whole NEM Solutions group. It is forbidden to copy, broadcast, reproduce, transfer and any other use of the information, without the written consent of NEM Solutions.
Jurisdiction and Law in force
The use of this web page is regulated exclusively by Spanish law, without consideration of international civil law regulations.
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