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A NEW dashboard for a quick decision making process – A.U.R.A diagnostic

Because we know what is important to your business we have improved the way we expose it to you. With an even more agile and visual interface, the new A.U.R.A diagnostic goes a bit further as an O&M optimisation tool thanks to our consolidated indicator of the status of your assets.

With this renewed version, A.U.R.A accelerates decision making since it is now even quicker to identify and classify assets based on their general health and the severity of the subsystems’ symptoms.

The user experience is simply unparalleled, but until you see it with your own eyes, take a look at these images:

Wind Farm Current Status:


Wind Turbine Current Status:


Wind Turbine Subsystem Health Status:


Wind turbine Symptom detail:


Thanks to our current customer for helping us evolving together solving real market needs.

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