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A.U.R.A App (Wind Energy)

Digitalisation comes to all of us,  and not only do we encourage our customers to be digitalized, but we also lead by the example. Our  A.U.R.A app is created for the aim of making access to the asset health easy.  From your mobile phone and in your hand, wherever you are, you can have your assets and your business under control.

A.U.R.A not only offers detailed information of assets condition but it is also well known in the market as an advanced technology in failure anticipation and business management. Thanks to algorithms developed in-house by NEM Solutions, you will be able to see at a glance the global condition of each subsystem, identifying quickly those which require attention. Is no longer necessary to switch on your computer to have relevant information.

Through the APP the user can be connected with the assets to know their variables state in real time, with a second sampling rate . Furthermore, the application is totally customisable allowing the user to choose the most interesting variables for the business management. The user will be able to make consults, record the data and share it in real time with other users through A.U.R.A APP. One more step to have your business under control.

APP AURA Wind Energy

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