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We put the world’s leading tool for advanced Wheel Wear Management within your reach

Some of you are part of the more than 54.000.000 wheel measurements in NEM Solutions’ “A.U.R.A Wheel”. This tool is becoming a daily basis in the wheelset O&M and working together with our customers we are defining new features and services to extend the life cycle of the wheels taking care of the wear process.

However, with the aim of making the adoption of new technologies easier, NEM Solutions launches a demo and free version of some features of the known A.U.R.A wheel license. In particular, we focus on these companies that do not use the wheel profile as a daily input for the wheel life management but only use the lathe or the main parameters qR, flange height, width and wheel diameter. From January 2017 all depots interested in improving their analysis, wheel wear prediction and end of life forecast of their fleets can take advantage of this free version tool.

As usual, A.U.R.A wheel will be very user friendly and you will be able to upload data easily  from your lathe or measurements through a simple process. The wheel information will be displayed in a structured way and it will allow the user to know the evolution of each measured parameter. Forget the spreadsheets and let us support you in the digital evolution!.

Visualize and receive alarms for wheels which need maintenance and reduce the uncertainty at the same time you increase safety. Furthermore, they will be able to share all the information with other depots with just a click. If in the future you choose to upgrade to other kind of measurement systems like wheel profile measurement devices, wheel flat or damage measurement devices, brake disk/shoes measurement devices you will only need to ask for an upgrade to NEM Solutions to integrate your devices automatically. You will not loose information and knowledge, on the contrary, you will extract even more return of your investment in wheel measurement systems.

A.U.R.A wheel is an impressive benchmarking tool, which combines high value knowledge to generate and facilitate wheel life cycle optimisation and maintenance, together with cost reduction of wheel and axles. We want to be part of the evolution that the rolling stock O&M is experimenting. A.U.R.A wheel demo version is our way to show we all are on the right and same track and we would like everybody at least in the rail sector to analyse the wheel in the best way possible ever for free.

Wheel wear management tool