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From the concept to the processes; customised roadmaps for a CBM business strategy.

Nowadays, Industrial innovation is about Data and the information that can be obtained through it (the so-called Big Data era, the Internet of Things or Industry 4.0). The technological companies are specialising in the acquisition, storage, knowledge and analysis of big amounts of data in order to maximise the use of such data and turn it into key information for companies.

In the Railway Maintenance Industry for instance, the technological advances are growing exponentially and so are the Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) solutions that can be found in the market. However, the reality of our clients may not be at the same level, and here is when uncertainty and the lack of knowledge in our customers may be increased. It is when we should stop and start thinking and reflecting. Are our customers prepared to implement advanced data analytic tools? Will they be able to understand the results and get the right conclusions? Are their processes and people prepared for that change? And what about us? Do we know the situation of our customers? Are we able to ensure a successful implementation of our technology? Will we be able to improve our Customers’ Business thanks to our technology?

It is a matter of understanding the current situation of our clients in order to help them to choose the best road that will lead them to achieve their goals. Many times it is not about implementing the most advanced technology in the market and waiting it to change their Business. It is about listening, seeing and hearing our customers to understand whether or not they are prepared for it. And if not, help them to define the Roadmap that will ensure the correct implementation.

So, the definition of a customised Roadmap to help our customers to achieve a competitive implementation of a CBM strategy is the new potential service that NEM is providing to the market since the beginning of 2016. The results have been magnificent and the most important thing is the collaboration and trust based relationship that is created between the customer and NEM. Moreover, through this service we also ensure the correct and necessary digital transformation in the companies (processes and people) when it comes to implementing this kind of technology.

Condition Based Maintenance Roadmap