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NEM Data Challenge

NEM Solutions has recently launched NEM Data Challenge. It is a digital challenge in which you can achieve a job inside NEM Solutions’ team, apart from other job offers coming through other partners in this initiative: Siemens-Gamesa Renewable Energy and Tecnalia.

NEM Solutions Data Challenge

NEM Solutions is also supported by Diputación de Gipuzkoa, which collaborates actively in retaining and attracting the best talent to our territory, inside the Gipuzkoa Talent strategic framework. This goal is shared by all the partners of this initiative.

The aim of NEM Data Challenge is to surround current NEM Solutions’ team by the best worldwide energy and mobility data processing profiles.

Worldwide participants are accepted and the best profiles will be awarded. The first two stages are carried out online, and the last one consists of a week internship in NEM Solutions. The financial costs of the stay will be covered by Siemens Gamesa, Tecnalia and NEM Solutions. The date will be adjusted to the winners’ availability.

The challenge is focused on the wind energy sector and in business oriented data. We are looking for profiles that are capable of processing data and to get value from it in order solve real problems. We look for people that can deal with the daily problems that NEM Solutions’ team faces.

More information and contest rules in the following link: