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Our CEO Alberto Conde Mellado awarded as the GAMECHANGER of the year

ACQ5 has recently selected Alberto Conde Mellado as the Spanish Gamechanger of 2017 due to his contribution to the industry with his technological and disruptive business approach in NEM Solutions all around the world.


The jury defined Alberto as synonym of energy, enthusiasm and passion for innovation and technology. He has clear visions of the future and shows great dedication to improve the world we will leave for our children. He believes in perseverance and strong determination to achieve goals.

He is also concerned with the spreading of a digital culture so last July he fostered the first SCIENCE WEEK for children. This time the audience was the staff’s children. The experience was rewarding, all the children playing with robots and 3D printers and enjoying themselves together in a natural way.

His innovative character and disposition can be seen in the way he manages his company, NEM Solutions, which he founded in 2007 to develop the technological upgrading of the mobility and energy sectors. In fact, NEM is something like a “machine doctor”, who uses symptoms to predict failure. NEM Solutions determines the future behaviour of systems based on daily generated operations and maintenance data, extending life cycles, improving productivity and generating system knowledge of high value. Their products and services are known for their innovative and emotional character and for breaking well-established moulds across different industries to date.

All this has been accomplished in a deep innovative environment in which the values shared are at the heart of each member of the staff or each operation carried out. Among these values we find discomfort with the average expected result, they always go a bit further.

NEM Solutions is made up of diverse people from different nationalities, working in remote teams and with different backgrounds. It is also a brave team because they are not scared of the unknown. They know they will find creative solutions to the problems they encounter.

Talent is the best tool for NEM Solutions and it is habitually taken care of by a unique corporate culture which provides constant challenges.

One of the most distinguishing elements of Alberto’s policies to join the NEM team is to assess the skills and competences to adapt to uncertainty, to have fun while working and to enjoy life as a whole.

NEM provides time and space for inspiration and creativity, in what they call SHARING FRIDAYS, a day for collaborative and creative work, or OPEN DOORS DAY when the staff members invite their families to enjoy an evening with a concert and food.

“We have spent 10 years being gamechangers, mouldbreakers and comfortscapers and our intention is to keep going. I have been awarded with this prize but I would like to share it with all the team, those who were part of it and those who will be.” (Alberto Conde Mellado) 

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