Metro Bilbao Testimonial: great success

Last Wednesday, during the “Maintenance in Transportation” sessions held in Valencia (Spain), Metro Bilbao explained to the audience its experience with NEM Solution’s Wheel & Rail Doctor: an innovative, easy to install, fully automatic system to identify railway wheel surface defects. José Manuel Fernández de la Roza, Head of Engineering at Metro Bilbao, explained the […]

Innovation in the UK rail industry

The origins of the railway network in the UK date back to 150 years ago, when innovation in engineering proved to be a huge industrial and economical success for the nation.  However, a recent report from the UK ORR (Office of Rail Regulation) states that unfortunately the railway is not as a good at innovation today […]

NEM Solutions to present a Metro Bilbao Testimonial during AEM sessions in Valencia (Spain)

NEM Solutions and Metro Bilbao will present a Testimonial regarding Wheel Life Cicle Optimization during next week’s “Maintenance in the Transportation Industry” sessions to take place in Valencia, Spain, on October 26th and 27th. The testimonial will be jointly presented by Metro Bilbao’s Head of Engineering, Mr. José Manuel Fernández De la Roza and NEM […]

Effective Operation and Maintenance (O&M) and Cost of Energy

  Following our previous blog  entry, ”Continued Growth in Wave and Tidal Power Industry we look at Cost of Energy (CoE) and O&M related activities, with a focus on renewable energy converters.  As mentioned previously, O&M costs are often underestimated due to: -          A natural optimism of end product reliability by developers (after considerable effort […]

Expectations for the Spanish wind energy industry

The target defined in the PER 2005-2010 of 20,155 MW of wind power by the end of 2010 has been reached. The R&D activities in Spain are structured in Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) programs funded by the national government and by the autonomous communities. The national R&D plan covers the period from 2008 to […]

Continued Growth in Wave and Tidal Power Industry

The involvement of NEM Solutions in the renewable energy market is growing in strength, in particular through its work for the largest collaborative renewable energy project in Spain, Ocean Líder.   Both private and public investment and advances in science and engineering are pushing forward developments across the world to develop cost-effective solutions for harnessing […]


From October 02nd to the 05th NEM Solutions was present at the APTA Expo that took place in New Orleans as part of the annual APTA meeting. APTA is the American Public Transportation Association. The show offered NEM Solutions a possibility to interact with potential customers and partners in a market (North America) that presents […]

NEM Solutions to attend Light Rail Awards 2011

NEM Solutions has been invited to attend the prestigious Light Rail Awards event to be held this month in London. The Light Rail Awards are now in their 5th year and provide an opportunity to celebrate recent successes in the industry (in the UK and overseas) and to provide a networking occasion for organisations across […]