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HAMBURG, September 26th, 2018. BaxEnergy & NEM Solutions are pleased to announce that they have formed a strategic partnership to offer the customer a complete and integral solution. The leading partnership between BaxEnergy and NEM Solutions takes another step further on the mission to make renewable energy more controllable and predictable.

Energy Studio Pro® developed by BaxEnergy is the only turn-key solution available in the market for visualizing, analyzing and optimizing power plants operations, across multiple technologies and manufacturers, all in one place. BaxEnergy is already controlling more than 81GW of renewable assets around the world.

A.U.R.A., the technology developed by NEM Solutions, builds the predictive brain for asset managers to stay one step ahead of the failure and reduce the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) cost. A.U.R.A. is already analyzing more than 15.000 wind turbines from more than 10 OEMs.

From now on, all customers of BaxEnergy will be able to have access to NEM Solutions predictive analytics technology. The integrated solution makes predictive analytics and fault detections more accessible to customers that currently use BaxEnergy. The combined platform will allow controlling the entire performance of the assets in real time, unifying under one roof all renewable technologies and OEMs and interconnecting more than 200 assets models across various technologies. This will allow them to detect unusual behavior while at the same time they gain faster and deeper knowledge on their assets.

“The strategic partnership with BaxEnergy is consistent with our core values on customer centricity and knowledge sharing, allowing predictive analytics empower every customer to improve their detectability on their assets. BaxEnergy is the leading platform on controlling multi-technology renewable assets around the world. So far, we already share common customers and now, integrating both solutions is the springboard to excellence.

No matter the size of the analytics team, size of the portfolio or maintenance contracts. We want to empower companies build predictive knowledge. Allowing them to make better decisions on O&M; providing excellence failure detection. NEM Solutions was created as a result of a partnership more than 11 years ago. We continue to believe that this is the way to keep empowering renewable energy assets.” shared Idoia Iceta, Energy CEO at NEM Solutions.

“To date BaxEnergy optimizes power plants’ operations across multiple technologies and manufacturers, leading greater efficiencies for its customers. We believe that enhanced ROI from renewable assets will boost the transition towards sustainable energy generation. The partnership with NEM Solutions is extremely important to us because it combines our capability to interconnect large varieties of assets and get all data in real-time for their entire lifetime with the highly sophisticated technology of predictive failure analysis and business control provided by NEM Solutions.

Together BaxEnergy and NEM Solutions add value to the energy sector merging two perfect tools to manage energy systems. Strengthened by this collaboration we will continue to meet and exceed the expectation of our customers.” said Simone Massaro, CEO of BaxEnergy.

About BaxEnergy:
BaxEnergy has combined extensive domain expertise with the latest cutting-edge technologies to develop turn-key solutions for visualizing, analyzing and optimizing power plant’s data and operations across multiple technologies and manufacturers. The company has reached a monitoring portfolio of 81+GW of renewable energy worldwide.
BaxEnergy was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, with offices in Italy, Portugal and South Africa.

For additional information about the company and service offers, please contact us at e-Mail:,
Tel.: +49 (0) 30 5863267 20, and visit

About NEM Solutions:
NEM Solutions offers cutting edge predictive analytics technology, currently modelling more than 15.000 wind turbines around the world. By its patented technology A.U.R.A it allows to increase early failure detection and perform better operation and maintenance across Mobility and Renewable Energy industries.

For more information about NEM Solutions, please contact Ander Larrañaga, Chief Business Development Officer at:

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