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Company culture role in the innovation venture

By January 31, 2019 February 7th, 2019 No Comments

At every company, just like any other human group or association, we are always looking for comfort, acceptance and self-realization.

We want to be in a place that is aligned with our values, where we can be ourselves and where our ideas matter. Now this should be the essence of every company culture, so what distinguishes a good one from a bad one, how can it be evaluated and most importantly what are the advantages of cultivating a healthy company culture?

Some startups and startups wannabe companies like to show the way they implement drastic changes about the way their employees work, ranging from free coffee to unlimited vacations and in situ masseur and chefs.

A company culture can’t be defined only by throwing out some fancy and unrealistic perks, it is true that some of these may help to create stress free spaces and to make the good ideas flow, but a strong company culture has to be set following the leaders example, day after day creating the confidence to make employees feel in a safe environment where they can actually be themselves and start generating knowledge, this is something that a free large mocha vanilla Frappuccino and a ping pong table can’t pull off by themselves.


Usually a healthy company culture is created at the same time as the company; this is with great values from the founders that are enforced and replicated on all the new employees. At the same time the company culture evolves and improves as the company gets bigger, they are shaped constantly by the employees’ backgrounds and efforts. Company cultures are unique; they can’t be duplicated or recycled.

This doesn’t mean that experienced and old-fashioned companies will never be able to shift their culture, but it will be definitively a little bit more complicated. It is clear that small companies have it easier, it is much easier to reach all employees if you can have all of them in one place at the same time, culture implantation requires less effort, however it is still needed.

Implementation at larger companies is complicated but still doable. Leadership skills no longer mean managing a team to reach certain objective but to actually inspire and lead by example. It is quite complex to believe that this can be implanted from the bottom up, this kind of culture will be vanished when it reaches 2 or 3 levels up. It has to come the other way around.

Some disruptive drivers when creating a safe innovation environment:

  • Nonstop reminders and activities aligned with the company core values
  • Real opportunities to be and feel heard
  • Projects and initiatives ownership
  • Recognition and candid feedback

Innovation, respect, camaraderie are values that can’t be bought from a shelf, even if you hire candidates that show these aptitudes, they don’t need to match perfectly the company culture at the beginning this is a long and continuing process.

NEM Solutions culture has been shaped from the beginning to match an innovation mentality driven technology and work-life balance. This culture is our trademark and what makes us and our services unique.