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New platform solutions and innovative technologies associated to power evacuation and grid integration in floating offshore wind farms | FLOCAN 2 GRID

FLOCAN2 GRID started in 2015 as a strategy to develop and investigate two floating technologies on a real scale; the energy infrastructure evacuation needed to be integrated in a network in a real working environment, along with the tools needed to define the logistics of the operations associated to the life cycle of an infrastructure located in an adverse environment.

Within the context of the O&M field, in the project, NEM Solutions main aim has been to develop digital tools for asset management, operational support and the maintenance of  offshore wind farms, especially for the segment of floating assets, specifically geared towards a client objective: offshore windmill farm operators whose prime responsibility is that of asset management. We have specifically developed two groups of very mature technological tools with a high impact in the offshore wind farm field which form a solution for business intelligence.

1-. Digital platform simulation with advanced logistics and access to floating assets for both operation and maintenance.

2-. Intelligent digital platform for optimal maintenance operation

Through this we have been able to reduce O&M costs associated to floating assets, by a new know-how in the management of floating assets in offshore wind farms through digital tools. Furthermore, we have been able to minimize safety, health and environmental risks linked to the development of offshore activities and the development of an O&M protocol and contingencies of floating platforms.

The participants in the project are: Cobra Instalaciones & Servicios, Esteyco, Vicinay Sestao, NEM Solutions, Nautilus Floating Solutions  and  Ormazabal