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Quality and Environment Policy

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The Management of NEM Solutions has defined a quality and environmental policy to ensure a supply of competitive and high-quality products and services that meet the legal requirements and other requisites, as well as the needs of its clients. This policy is also in line with the mission, vision and values of the organization in an environmentally sustainable way.


We learn from data to revolutionize technology to provide asset lifecycle excellence. We turn data into step ahead solutions for mobility and energy industries. Edge to cloud multi-technology open to other platforms that provides predictive analytics excellence, permanently offering the user much needed guidance.

  •  VISION:

We believe in a predictive world: Smarter energy for cities that keep moving fast.

    • Innovators as a lifestyle: We dream, we imagine, we plan, we achieve.

      The power of YES.

    • Technology lovers: We are changing the world with technology.

      Techies and technophiles.

    • Passionate: Living and working mindfully.

      Celebrating successes and learning from failures.

    • Relentless: We have a vision. We believe today, to see tomorrow.

At NEM Solutions we boost and believe on the following values: Creativity, Innovation, Social, Life, Demanding, Curiosity, Commitment, Passion, Fun, Technology Lover, Customer Empathy, Talent, Pride and Diversity.

To do this, the planned quality and environmental objectives are regularly reviewed and assessed by the Management, measuring their efficiency and taking the necessary measures to promote continuous improvement.

NEM Solutions’ objectives are focused towards the following essential aspects:


For NEM Solutions, quality and environmental management are a combination of the following key factors:

• Working in an efficient and sustainable manner
• Offering a high-quality service
• Meeting the Client’s expectations
• Optimizing the service provided to the Client
• Complying with legal and regulatory requirements, as well as with the Client’s and other applicable requisites
• Having the necessary resources to achieve the planned objectives
• Ensuring smooth communication, internally and with the clients
• Preventing errors. And if these do arise, making sure they are detectable at the time and corrected, preventing them from reoccurring.
• Paying attention to our collaborators’ suggestions and complaints. This will improve processes, which will have an impact on the end Client.
• Committing to prevent pollution and protect the environment by deleting or decreasing its significant environmental impacts, suitably managing the waste generated, and making rational use of the necessary consumptions for its activity, with sustainable use of energy.


Since clients are who we work for, it is essential for NEM Solutions to be flexible enough, meet the Client’s needs and exceed their expectations. This is why we offer competitive, sustainable and high-quality products and services according to the agreed contractual specifications.

Continuous and smooth communication with the Client is vital to achieve their maximum level of satisfaction.

  • NEMers:

Each one of the individuals who work at NEM Solutions is directly responsible for the quality of their work, their results, and their environmental behavior. For this reason, the company will preserve, increase and consolidate innovation and training, as well as communicate, share and disseminate knowledge within the organization.

NEMers creativity, experience and training, as well as their awareness about the implemented Integrated Management System, are essential cornerstones to meet the clients’ wishes.

NEMers add value to the needs detected in our clients. The sum of the value added by each one of the members of the NEMers results in the service or product that the client receives. All NEMers strongly believe in our common project and vision. We all believe in a participation based model.


Our suppliers are the most important partners of the company, with direct impact on ‘Customer Satisfaction’.

This is why one of the main activities of NEM Solutions is to integrate the suppliers in the quality and environmental commitment. This way, they become an element of the chain of services provided to the client, based on a principle of mutual collaboration and development of shared interests.

Within a project, a collaborating company becomes part of the engineering of NEM Solutions. Therefore, the collaboration company must add value to the final solution, in the same process as those who are part of NEM Solutions.


Processes are the tool to achieve, maintain and improve the quality of our products and services.

The Management and each employee must make sure that the processes are suitable to attain the required quality level and that they undergo continuous improvement.

The Integrated Management System gathers all the processes that are needed to provide a service that is efficient and sustainable in all its stages. This includes the subsequent analysis of the processes, both for the service provided to the client and the client’s satisfaction, as well as for the implementation of immediate, corrective measures.

The CEOs of NEM Solutions are primarily responsible for enforcing the ‘Policy’ in relation to the processes subject matter of the Integrated Management System’s scope. The CEOs also rely on the Responsible for Quality and Environment, who will be in charge of maintaining and developing the Integrated Management System according to the instructions given by the Management.