Rail Live! at a glance

By March 8, 2019 No Comments

The Rail Live event took place this week. It was a place where Railway industry leaders met in an environment in which they could discuss digital technology innovation in the Railway sector.

As last year, NEM Solutions took part in both the exhibition and conference sessions, where we had the chance to share why taking the path from data to profits is neither straightforward nor a choice. A decisive technology for those decision-making moments focused on predictive maintenance and diagnostics.

We were pleased to be visited by the Head of the Basque government, Iñigo Urkullu, where, with our Mobility CEO; Aitor Iñiguez, they discussed how NEM Solutions is aligned with the digital strategy pursued by the Basque government in the Energy and Mobility sectors.

Furthermore, Alvaro Zevallos, was interviewed by the Basque government in order to get to know more about NEM Solutions, and our commitment to helping our clients grow. We can conclude that both the exhibition and the conference, in which we discussed new technologies and how to apply these to create a digital rail future, were both interesting and fruitful.