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The pace of innovation advances at a huge speed. Even the most conservative sectors such as the railway is enjoying a fast digitalization at all levels. Within this digital transformation the area of maintenance has become the most change-oriented one, thanks to all the knowledge that can be obtained from the data the train provides and in that way, reach the so-wished condition-based maintenance.

This new approach helps, amongst other aspects, reduce costs, improve the availability of the fleet and extend the critical assets life-cycle, such as the train wheel set.

In this sense, wheel profile measurement systems play a key role. These systems involve a medium high investment which is easy to quantify and represent only the tip of the iceberg in the integral system of assets. There are other aspects and processes underlying beneath this first layer that are not as tangible or quantifiable cost wise: the analysis and determination of wheel wear rates, the stops and reprofiling planning or the use of information for the establishment of KPIs and decision making at the highest level.

All and every of those aspects imply a more invisible part of the costs of our management system.

However, an apparently trivial affair such as purchasing a wheel profile measurement system acquires a certain level of importance and becomes a critical decision in the management process. Even worse, a bad decision or a bad characterization of the real needs can even jeopardize the digitalisation strategy in which we have invested so much.

For this reason, this analysis intends to describe those aspects that should be used to choose the wheel profile measurement systems more accurately and precisely based on benchmarking the different options the market offers.

This study is based on the knowledge generated by NEM Solutions after spending 10 years analysing and managing wheel’s performance. We transform the data captured from the acquisition of the profile into information to manage and extend the life cycle of the assets. 18,000 daily measurements and more than 120 manual installations connected to A.U.R.A Wheel back us up.

NEM Solutions Wheel Measurement Equipment Benchmark

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