Generate knowledge, optimize your maintenance strategy and maximize productivity & availability

Aura is available in the railway market with three product lines that can work in combination with one another according to our customer needs:

  • Wheelset Life Extension: our expertise on wheelset life cycle management and maintenance and our advanced tool, Aura wheel, at your service. Extend the life of your wheelsets and optimize your maintenance.
  • Productivity Improvement:maximize the productivity and availability of your rolling stock thanks to our expert tool for early detection of catastrophic failures: Aura diagnostic Rail
  • Business Driven Data Management(BDDM): Total Control of your Business is now a reality thanks to Aura desk and A.U.R.A maint. Make your decisions based on how they affect your KPIs & optimize your maintenance plan in order to achieve your goals.

Currently Aura manages over 40,000 railway cars and over 35 million railway wheel measurements.