Expert Consultancy

Expert consultancy service for wheels and axles maintenance. Current status analysis and customized roadmap definition. Process analysis and comprehensive proposal for a complete solution: measurement, management and correction.

Our engineering team will comprehensively evaluate the performance of your maintenance plans, and recommend improvements accordingly, with the aim of lowering maintenance costs. Additionally, they will personally analyse the execution of each maintenance task and examine which tools were used, in order to optimise your processes.

  • Services range from the assessment and optimisation of maintenance plans to on-site working and improvements to maintenance processes.
  • Opportunities are identified for improvements in maintenance management and the definition of key performance indicators. Support is provided to assist in change implementation and evaluation.
  • The key goal, together with the client,is to improve business performance and reduce costs through efficiency improvements of rolling stock asset management.

NEM Solutions works with methodologies developed in-house over the past decade and the expertise of specialist engineers as well as the valuable contributions provided by Aura wheel technology.

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