Aura diagnostic

Aura diagnostic

Expert platform for complete Rolling Stock condition management. It includes specific modules for lubricated equipment, alarms and catastrophic failures anticipation.

  • Information centralization

    Aura diagnostic gathers all available data and it centralizes it for your convenience.This feature allows you to verify the quality of your data, cross variables and plot them together with alarms and work orders.

  • Data Analysis

    Aura analyses a wide range of parameters: variables, alarms, performance, CMS data, oil analysis, work orders, etc. This capability translates into high value expert internal knowledge generation.

  • Rules Engine

    Thanks to our Rules Engine you will be able to generate complex indicators, simulate rules against historic data repositories and define alerts and symptoms levels that will be displayed on Aura diagnostic’s dashboard.

  • Expert Engine

    This is the soul of the application. It is within this engine that Aura diagnostic creates and tests the normality models for each train and subsystem, setting the basis for early detection of behavior deviations and anticipation of catastrophic failures.

  • Dashboard

    On this executive dashboard you will find all the knowledge required to manage and control performance, alarms and symptoms of each one of your trains.

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Early failure detection

Aura diagnostic obtains, stores and analyzes all the data generated by the trains, creating behavior normality models, detecting deviations from these models and identifying failures of critical components at an early stage.

Lubricated equipment management

Aura diagnostic includes a module for the complete, condition based, maintenance management of lubricated equipment. This module helps to prevent and detect mechanical failures on the trains’ lubricated equipment.

Alarms management

Aura diagnostic obtains and classifies all the train alarms automatically. Management of all subsystem alarms is fast, efficient and cost effective.

Knowledge repository

Root cause analysis and access to previously not available knowledge about the behavior of your rolling stock. Minimize learning time and learn by doing.

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