Aura logs

Aura logs

A very powerful CMMS focusing on dynamic task planning and Maintenance Plan optimization.

  • Advanced CMMS system

    It is an advanced CMMS system, accessible through a web browser and composed of specific modules for planning, management and execution of work orders.

  • Modular system

    The modular system can perform independently or can complement a client's existing CMMS (Maximo, Infor EAM, SAP etc), through both horizontal and vertical integration.

  • Integration with stock

    It includes integration with stock management as well as the raising of purchase orders.

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Differentiated modules

It is a system that consists of unique and differentiated modules, which makes it a very powerful tool that suits the necessities of the maintainer; Module for advanced wheel wear management, for lubricated assets management, for advanced alarms management, module for diagnostic and health monitoring, module for traceability of assets, module for task planning and a maintenance planning optimizer.


Integration with workshop equipment, trackside equipment and external systems such as embedded equipment, oil analysis laboratories, SCADa systems OCUs, etc.


It knows trains and makes use of that knowledge to work efficiently for you. A.U.R.A maint proposes actions and improvements based on business characteristics.

KPI Generation

Key performance indicators(KPIs) can be defined for close management of business objectives, and represented in dashboards which are customised to each user profile. Information is used for well-informed decision-making, reliability indicators, corrective maintenance costs, stock management etc.

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