Aura wheel

Aura wheel

World leading commercial application for advanced wheel wear management. Centralization of all the information gathered from the different inputs, wheel wear advanced analysis and condition based dynamic planner.

  • Prediction

    Analysis and prediction of wheel wear and end of life forecast. Expert internal knowledge generation for an improved life cycle.

  • Integration

    All incoming data and processed information is integrated into a central application, giving a global picture of fleet condition and wheelset life cycle.

  • Planning tool

    Aura wheel assists in maintenance planning by predicting asset wear and degradation over time and recommending dates for maintenance interventions.

  • Alarms

    Generation of alerts and alarms based on the parameters and requirements of the customer. Notification and representation of the events in our own interface. Possibilty to integrate with third party systems.

Euskotren Case Study

Case Study PDF, 285 KB.

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Knowledge generation

With over 35 million wheel measurements in our system, we have an impressive benchmark tool, which combines high value expert knowledge to generate and facilitate wheel life cycle optimization and maintenance costs reduction of wheels and axles.

Holistic management

Aura wheel can be integrated with most devices and systems in the market including: wheel profile and diameter measurement acquisition devices, surface defect detection systems, hot axle box detection systems, wheel lathes, wheel replacement records and on board and off board alert and alarms systems.

Dynamic planner

Condition based maintenance dynamic planning. AURA wheel allows you to generate work orders based on remaining life and maintenance tasks.

Intuitive interface

As for all other A.U.R.A applications, A.U.R.A wheel’s interface design makes it the ideal environment to manage your wheel and axles maintenance.


“Using NEM Solutions advanced wheel wear management solutions has allowed us to manage our maintenance from a holistic point of view, and has helped us to achieve a 10% reduction in the life cycle cost of our wheels” Mikel Beitia, Rolling Stock Director at Euskotren.


“NEM Solutions has given us the opportunity to optimize our maintenance” Wang Hexin, Senior Engineer at Beijing Metro.

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