Maximize the productivity and availability of your fleets thanks to our expert tool for early detection of catastrophic failures: Aura diagnostic Rail

Learn to understand the symptoms of your fleets and to anticipate their near future behavior.

Aura diagnostic rail gathers all available data concerning the rolling stock (alarms, management tools, oil analysis, CMS…) and generates a specific normality model for each asset.

Using these normality models as a base, Aura projects the future behavior of each one of your assets and subsystems. At this stage, our tool compares real operational data with the projected future behavior, accurately detecting deviations, weeks and even months before the failure occurs. This accurate and early detection provides our tool with real predictive diagnostic capabilities.

Main benefits of using Aura diagnostic rail

  • Expert internal knowledge generation.
  • Maximization of productivity and availability of your fleet.
  • Extended life cycle for your assets and subsystems.
  • Catastrophic and minor failures anticipation.
  • Maintenance related costs reduction through optimization of your strategy.

A.U.R.A diagnostic RAIL

Expert platform for complete Rolling Stock condition management. It includes specific modules for lubricated equipment, alarms and catastrophic failures anticipation.