Extend the life of your wheelsets and optimize their maintenance thanks to our expert consultancy services and to our advanced tool: Aura wheel.

Our know-how and expertise speak for themselves. The approach of our wheel wear management division focuses on understanding how your organization works in order to help you prioritize those key aspects for improving your wheels' and axles' maintenance activities. We develop complete solutions that will allow you to optimize the maintenance of your wheels and axles, improving their life cycle. From our close working relationship and dedication to clients, feedback includes improvements of wheel life of up to 30%.

Our objectives are set to:

  • Indentify areas of improvement
  • Design strategies tailored to each client
  • Extend the life cycle of assets
  • Optimize the delivery of wheelset maintenance
  • Automate periodic maintenance inspections and measurements
  • Design strategies tailored to each client
  • Generate knowledge in wheel wear management
  • Detect wheel defects at an early stage
  • Facilitate quick and effective decision-making
  • Centralize information in a single system

Real wheel life extension improvement for 4 years in a high wear rate fleet

A.U.R.A wheel

World leading commercial application for advanced wheel wear management. Centralization of all the information gathered from the different inputs, wheel wear advanced analysis and condition based dynamic planner.


Expert consultancy service for wheels and axles maintenance. Current status analysis and customized roadmap definition. Process analysis and comprehensive proposal for a complete solution: measurement, management and correction.