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Operations & Maintenance

Welcome to A.U.R.A. Open Technology

One unique technological platform solution designed to gather all available data to make your
daily operations easier.

A.U.R.A. is NEM Solutions’ proprietary technology and analytics platform. For over 10 Years, NEM Solutions and A.U.R.A. have provided our customers with total visibility into their operational assets based on our proven complex and dynamic data analysis.


Today, A.U.R.A. is recognized in the Mobility and Energy markets as a highly sophisticated technology in terms of failure anticipation and business control.

Capture Savings

Continuous improvement drives cost savings and adds profit.

Improve Productivity & Availability

Know what your business needs before it needs it.

Compatible with Multiple OEM’s Technology

Can be integrated to most systems available on the market.

Asset Life Extension

Optimize your maintenance, improving the asset’s life.

Early Failure Detection

Real-time health status of your assets to anticipate future failures

Knowledge Generation

Invaluable experience and knowledge to facilitate the optimization of your O&M.


You deserve actionable data

Expert platform for asset condition management

A.U.R.A. Diagnostic gathers and analyzes all available data and it centralizes it for your convenience. Avoid uncertainty and manage risk through asset specific normality models specific to each one of your assets. A.U.R.A. provides you with the capability to automatically compare the health of each one of your assets, helping you to focus on maximizing overall planning and production. Access real-time analytics, gain knowledge, and discover the root cause of your assets’ unhealthy behavior.

Extend the life of your wheelsets and optimize their maintenance

Use our industry leading technology and experience for advanced wheel wear management.
Centralize all the information gathered from the different inputs and benefit from our wheel wear advanced analytics and condition-based dynamic planner.

Take total control of your business by increasing your decision making based on your KPIs and goals. Our holistic approach to your business and assets drives your success. With our goal-oriented platform, it presents real-time economic and technical information for the C-level down to managers.

A.U.R.A. empowers your team

Your asset reliability evolves over time. A.U.R.A. is designed to manage your assets’ health
status throughout its life and help your team drive results throughout their career.

The one way to capture your absolute best from A.U.R.A.

Consultancy: Success Driven Service

Fully understand the complex symptoms of your wind turbines and the multiple systems of each of them.

Identify success indicators for rolling stock assets and wheelset life extension.

We want to see you grow.


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